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Garlic Hand Press Cutter

Garlic hand press cutter is a fantastic kitchen gadget that will transform your garlic into noodles in just seconds. The Garlic Hand Press Cutter is the best way to chop garlic without the smell, dirt, and effort of cutting by hand. It also includes a stainless steel pressing plate for coarsely chopped garlic, Two interchangeable plastic pushers so you can cut your garlic into 1-4mm or 4-8mm thick slices.

Cut and Press Your Garlic with the Garlic Hand Press Cutter

This Garlic Hand Press Cutter is sharp and sturdy, and made of stainless steel. With its high quality and low price, it's sure to be a great addition to any kitchen. The hand press cutter allows you to quickly and efficiently mince garlic cloves. Everyone hates having to chop garlic with a knife, but our cutter simulates the gentle squeeze of a garlic press. It's extremely easy to use and will make your task of preparing your favorite recipes a lot quicker and easier, which means you get to enjoy more time with family and friends.

The Garlic Hand Press Cutter makes chopping, mincing and pressing garlic cloves easy. Just place one or more garlic cloves into the unit and press down. It’s quick, it’s simple and clean-up is less than a minute.

✅ Garlic Press for Mincing Garlic 🧄 

✅ Super Sharp Blade 🧄 

✅ Hand Press Cutter 🧄 

✅ Stainless Steel Design 🧄 

Dishwasher Safe 🧄 

  • Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
  • Material: PP + Stainless Steel
  • Length: approx 15.5cm x 5.5cm
  • Color: White

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cielo Kunde

I am very happy with my garlic crusher. No more stinky fingers. No more getting the stink all over your hands, sink, countertops. I can't believe I waited this long to get one.

Coby Muller

I love this thing, it is well worth the money

Aurore Hilpert

Exact description, recommended, works well with small pieces

Alexandrine Koss

I just received my garlic crusher today. I had to try it. It works great. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Zackery Osinski

The garlic press is excellent. I placed an order for 2 more to give as gifts.