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Garlic Mashed Crushed Grater


Isn't it time you got a Garlic Mashed Crushed Grater? This good-looking and good-working kitchen tool will help you get the most out of your garlic and we're not just talking about taste. It minces garlic cloves quickly and easily to achieve the consistency you want in recipes. It's even better than a knife. It's even better than a microplane grater, because it reduces waste to practically nothing, and has a non-slip, ergonomic handle. The Garlic Mashed Crushed Grater is safety-tested and durable enough to last for years.

Cook with Delicious Garlic with Garlic Mashed Crushed Grater

This unit is perfect for crushing garlic in the kitchen. The high-quality stainless steel is rust-proof. It can make delicious, fresh mashed garlic with ease to your favorite recipes. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

This Garlic Mashed Crushed Grater will make your cooking much more fun! If you like to cook, you need this grater in your kitchen. It allows you to make creamy mashed garlic in three different textures―smooth, creamy or chunky. You can even grate cheese or carrots, shred fresh herbs and squeeze citrus fruit over pancakes.

✅ Easy to use and easy to clean

✅ Minces garlic cloves with ease

✅ Reduces waste and saves time

Dishwasher safe

  • Type:Grater
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Size:S(7.5cm x 5.3cm)/ L(11cm x 7.2cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alan Yundt

It is very good quality, it has a nice handle, comfortable to use.

Moises Raynor

It is easy to use and does what it is suppose to do.

Aracely Schultz

I love it.

Alycia Barton

It's just perfect for me, the size is very convenient.

Jackie Dickens

Good quality, good value