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Plastic Vegetable Fruit Cutter


The Plastic Vegetable Fruit Cutter is a kitchen tool that quickly cuts vegetables and fruits into neat, evenly-sized pieces. It is made of high grade plastic, safe and easy to use. Its blades are sharp and sturdy, designed to cut even fragile fruits such as banana without fear of pulps. It makes the work more efficiently. No longer do you need to spend much time cutting your vegetables by hand to get a perfect shape!

Make Healthy Living Fun with Plastic Vegetable Fruit Cutter

Open your door to the world of fun! Our Plastic Vegetable Fruit Cutter set has several heads, to make fruits slices in different shape, you can choose like star , heart, flower etc., make your fruits more fun, easy to carry in lunch box. The cutter is safe for kids use.

The Plastic Vegetable Fruit Cutter is a great way to present your vegetables in a new and attractive way. It creates artistic shapes that you can then arrange on a platter or display in a basket or bowl. You can make vegetable salad, garnish dish, decorate dish and so on.

✅ Easy To Use 🍐

✅ Great For Holidays & Parties 🥕 

✅ Cut Fruit & Vegetables In Minutes 🥝

Makes Healthy Snacks Fun! 🍅

  • Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Weight: 170g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Arjun Runolfsdottir

I got it, it works great. I am very happy with this product.

Tate Corkery

Love this tool.

Vicente Tremblay

I like it! It is very nice. Definitely worth the price

Tod Murazik

Very easy to use and good quality!