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Watermelon Scoop Melon Digger

This fruit ball digger is designed with 2 head which can be used not only for digging balls, but also for carving patterns on fruit. In addition to scooping balls, two other edges can be used as knives to cut the ball into pieces. The grooved blade is designed especially for cutting watermelon, cantaloupe and soft fruits, so it does not hurt your hands, and your hands will not get dirty. It is a good helper for family picnics and large parties.

Enjoy an easy and healthy fruit ball dessert with Watermelon Scoop Melon Digger

This fruit ball maker is made of stainless steel material, durable and environmental protective. Unique design makes it convenient to scoop the watermelon flesh up with. With it, you don't need to buy a knife or cut the hard part out by hand anymore.

Our Watermelon Scoop Melon Digger makes it easy to scoop a ball right out of a watermelon, and may just be the highlight of your next summer party. It's a great gift for kids and adults alike. It also works well with all kinds of other fruits, from cherries to peaches.

✅ Scoop Watermelon Fruits 🍉

✅ Suitable for Watermelon and Melon 🍉

✅ Stainless Steel Material 🍈

✅ Easy To Clean 🍈

  • Material: Stainless Steel + PP
  • Total length: About 18cm
  • Scoop diameter: About 3cm
  • Cutter length: Approx. 5.8cm
Nordic Green
Rose red
Nordic blue
Nordic pink

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Austen Kuhn

I love this little scoop. It’s easy to use and I like that it’s small and convenient.

Carmelo Johnston

The Melon Spoons are the cutest spoon I have ever seen. They are perfect for little ones because they don't get too messy and they're fun to use.

Dawn Heathcote

This has been a great purchase for us. I'm happy to have some good melon tools to use for my business. Thank you!

Kayley Tremblay

I never thought I would be this enthusiastic about a melon baller, but I really love it.

Ricardo Corkery

I like this melon scoop. It's the perfect size for the mini watermelons I bought at the farmer's market.